In these hard times just after Christmas (ok its mid-February, but it still feels cold enough to be late December!) the credit crunch is still biting us in the pocket -so what are the best ways to get the most out of playing online bingo for free?
The guys at No Bull Bingo have just produced a ‘Top Ten Cheat Sheet‘, which is a guide to getting the most for the least!

We have chosen what we think are their top five pieces of bingo wisdom…

1) “Players should join all online bingo sites that offer free bingo bonus offers – the bigger the bonus the better. Wink Bingo often have the best free bingo offers.”
There are so many sites out there now that there is always a great free bingo offer if you look for it! Look especially for new sites that are trying hard to attract players with over-generous offers.

2) “Play bingo rooms late at night – fewer players equals more chance of winning, although smaller jackpots will only be available these small wins all mount up. Mirror Bingo is often quiet at night.”
Better to be a big fish in a small pond.. although the prizes might be smaller your ‘win to player’ ratio is greatly improved if you are playing early mornings or after most people’s bedtime.

3) “Be selective about which bingo tickets to purchase. Online bingo players can often be quite superstitious so might use memorable dates such as birthdays and anniversaries when selecting bingo tickets. Choose cards which feature more bingo numbers over 31, this will slightly increase the odds of not having to share a jackpot win.”
It’s the same principal as doing the lottery -not many people have a lucky number over 36 (due to the numbers on the calendar and the roulette wheel), so choose a couple of post-30 lucky numbers and include them in your list, it could mean you having a big win all to yourself!

4) “Play for prizes and not cash. It is a little known fact that players prefer to play for cash rather than prizes (even though often there is a cash alternative). These rooms could have impressive prizes but fewer players than the big cash games. Costa Bingo offer a wide range of bingo prizes.
It may be an obvious pun when we refer to bingo as ‘A Game Of Numbers’, but if there are less people to play against, then there’s a better chance of winning a prize -and some of the prizes such as ipods, tv’s, holidays, cruises, even a chance to have your bills paid!

5) “When playing at sites that offer free bingo all day, spend as much time on site as possible buying free bingo tickets. Use all cash sums won in these games to purchase tickets in funded bingo rooms. This will keep dedicated bingo players going all day and eventually, through persistence might deliver a size-able bingo win.
There are two main reasons for playing Free Bingo -the first is to learn the game without having to pay for the privilege and the second is to get something for nothing (which we all love!) and hopefully turn it into something worth winning.

So there it is, some great advice for new & experienced players alike -courtesy of the wise old heads at No Bull Bingo. Now all you need to do is go out and put it all into practice…
And if you’re looking for lots of free bingo, then the three sites that are offering the most free time at the moment are Wink Bingo, Moon Bingo and Mecca Bingo -so check them out!