Everything will be revealed...

If you’re an Eastenders fan (and many bingo devotees are just that) then the world will stand still tonight at 8pm when the writers will reveal the identity of Archie Mitchell’s killer! In a bid to keep the name of the killer out of the hands of spoilers, the cast will perform a live episode -which is very rare in the world of soaps these days.

Would You Buy A Used Car From This Man?

The BBC have really been milking the press coverage about the Christmas Day killing of Archibald Lionel Mitchell in a deserted Queen Vic -and with so many possible suspects there has been both a media and betting frenzy!

So for thirty thrilling minutes this evening, we expect the bingo rooms of Britain to be much quieter than normal as we learn just who was responsible for doing away with the square’s nastiest character since the days of Dirty Den back in the 1980’s.
If you think you know who the killer is then you still have time to make your fortune from it -the bookmaker Paddy Power have a market on Britain’s biggest whodunit since the shooting of JR in Dallas! With 31 suspects in the betting, there’s plenty to go at -in fact only the late Dirty Den seems to be out of the running…

Will Sean Return To Haunt Them Both Yet Again?

The favourites at the moment are Ben Mitchell (3/1), Sean Slater (also 3/1), Becca Swanson (9/2), Ryan Malloy (6/1) and our favourite landlady Peggy Mitchell (10/1). Some interesting outsiders include Dot Branning (100/1) did she talk him to death? And Ricky Butcher (80/1) did he bore Archie to the point where he topped himself!

But if you’re not sure just who did the dirty deed, then Paddy Power are running another market on who in the cast will be the first to fluff their lines! Our money is on Bianca Jackson at 16/1 -even if her only line in the whole show is “Ricky!!”
Don’t forget, 8pm tonight on BBC1 -you don’t want to miss all the action…