In these days of  constant chatting on mobiles phones, msn, emails and twitter, the newest form of interpersonal communication is chatting online whilst playing bingo. As with all forms of written conversation, there are some easy to follows rules and etiquette -which has become known as ‘Chatiquette‘.
Here are our top ten chat rules that will help you communicate well with other players:

  1. Judge The Mood -Read the last few posts/messages in case you join the room in the middle of a conversation.
  2. Be Polite -Manners cost nothing and will endear you to the other players in the room.
  3. NO CAPITALS -Don’t write in capitals as it is considered to be shouting or rude.
  4. Courtesy -Don’t ignore anyone unless they are being rude.
  5. Be positive -Make positive contributions to the room and use a person’s chatname when answering a question.
  6. Don’t Use Sarcasm -People can’t see your face or hear your tone of voice, so can’t be sure if you are joking or being serious.
  7. Short Messages -Keep your messages fairly short to avoid ‘flooding’ people’s screens with text. If you have a long message or reply, break it down into segments.
  8. Don’t Upset CMs -Keep on the right side of the CMs (chat moderators) otherwise they can make you leave the room.
  9. Personal Messages -Don’t reply to personal messages on the main screen, use PM’s or whisper mode.
  10. Say Goodbye -Always tell everyone you are going or set chat to ‘away’ if you are out of the room for a while.

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