It seems that the Easter Bunny has already visited Moon Bingo and left behind four Easter eggs worth lots of money. Each Easter egg contains a hidden prize. So get ready this Easter Holiday period to hunt the cash in your Easter eggs. The big hunt begins on the 28th of March and runs until the 11th of April.
There are four eggs; gold, silver, chocolate and blue -each egg requires different actions to be taken in order to win competition points and cash. Players accumulate points by depositing and playing bingo and instant games of your choice.
Every time you satisfy the criteria, your points total rises -so it’s a simple race for the prizes and the more you play -the more chance you have of winning one of the prizes. There’s a leaderboard for each egg, so you can see exactly where you are if you’re in the running for one of the prizes.
So what are the prizes? Well the Gold Egg has five £100 prizes, the Silver Egg holds five £50 prizes, the Chocolate Egg contains five £25 prizes and the Blue Egg has five £10 rewards.
You can find full details of the Easter Egg Cash Hunt by clicking on the Easter Hunt link on the Moon Bingo homepage.