If you follow the yellow brick road on Friday night, you might just find yourself at Teaandbingo, where they are having a Wizard of Oz night! You can win a rainbow maker in the Frog & Crown at 9pm -this piece of magical wizardry is a gadget that can project an enchanting rainbow across your room. If you have any munchkins of your own, make sure they are in bed by 9pm and not being swept away by a whirlwind to the land of Oz!

There’ll be some great Oz-themed chat games on the night -where you can collect gold bonuses and other prizes. You might want to brush up a little on your Wizard of Oz knowledge beforehand -it may pay dividends during the evening… can you name the main characters, who played them and what were the songs in the film?

So all you friends of Dorothy, get your red shoes on and skip along to Teaandbingo on Friday at 9pm