If you look hard enough around the online bingo sites, you can always find a host of prizes being given away. In fact, it’s like being on the old Generation Game with Brucie! So what’s on this week’s ‘Online Bingo Conveyor Belt’?
First up are three Kenwood SB266 Smoothie Makers (Chrome) available at Tasty Bingo (where else?) -these are for the three top wagerers on Instant games this coming weekend.
Next on the gift list are three picnic baskets, which are part of the Between The Sheets promotion at Wink Bingo -they’re calling this one ‘Naughty Nibbles‘! With the weather here improving fast, you could on the back garden having a picnic before you know it… Staying at Wink, on Sunday at 9.15pm you can win a laptop in their Hidden Treasures game.
And if you really want to clean up, then get over to Paddy Power Bingo for their April Fool’s Day Part Two on Friday 30th April. You could win a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner in one of their mystery boxes with a full house in the Sapphire Room. As we said -it’s just like being on the old Generation Game, you can walk away with a whole load of prizes this weekend!