Over the last three years, online bingo has grown at a huge rate -some of this is due to the advertising campaigns and the tv ads created by the online bingo companies. But who make the best online bingo tv ads? Well here are our top three ads…

1. Foxy Bingo
Take a look at the new advert from Foxy Bingo -it has the song ‘You’re The One That I Want’ in it and certainly doesn’t take itself too seriously… The John Travolta part is played by the fox and is voiced by North West DJ Adam Castrell -not Max & Paddy star Paddy McGuinness as is widely thought.

2. Moon Bingo
As you would expect from Moon Bingo -this one is set on the surface of the moon and shows two female astronauts planting a flag and having a good dance. Not sure if you can actually Moon Walk on the moon, but they give it a go!

3. Bet365.com Bingo
Imagine a world where everyone had bingo balls for heads! Scary thought isn’t it? Well in this bet365.com ad, not everyone has been transformed -just enough people to make the point that lots of us are really bingo heads!

If you’ve got a favourite tv bingo ad, then drop us a line and let us know so we can feature it here!