Ok so we all know the World Cup starts today (like you could avoid it), but what if you’re not that into football and want to spend your time more wisely than staring at the television? Earlier this week we told you about Virgin’s free bingo offer whilst the matches were on -well now they’re all at it!

Ladbrokes Bingo have gone that bit further than Virgin and are giving us 105 minutes of free bingo action while the matches are in play. There are prize pools of £30 for each game taking place in Bingo In The Attic, but if you choose to buy tickets for 1p per game then your prize money would be doubled! All the winners of the free games will win an entry into a private bingo room for an exclusive Free Bingo night taking place on Friday 16th July.

Come and play free bingo during the world cup at Ladbrokes Bingo here